The Foro Américas

Is a film & sound stage conceived by expert content producers to satisfy the requirements of all kinds of audio-visual projects.

Integral space

In addition to a 520 sqm venue, it is a production office, make-up and dressing rooms, art and construction warehouses, parking (covered) for 20 vehicles, multi-location and professional catering.

It meets all technical requirements, amperage, lighting, tramoya and amplitude to make it the operations center of any production (medium to large) of series and films.

Main Forum

  • 520 sqm acoustic forum that allows direct audio recording
  • Main area of ​​360 m2
  • Cyclorama of 6.5 x 18 x 6 meters and height of 4.6 meters.
  • Attached production office
  • Catering (on & off-site)
  • Green Room for talent and/or clients Makeup room and dressing rooms
  • 225 Kvas Substation
  • 125 Kvas power plant
  • 200 mbps wifi
  • Modern and spacious bathrooms (M and W)
    It meets all the technical, amperage, lighting, stage and amplitude requirements to make it the center of operations for any medium to large production of series and movies.


Different multi-location spaces available for all types of productions.
Industrial kitchen, wineries and multiple catering areas that are also offered as a location.

Venue for your events

  • Concerts
  • Presentations
  • Activations
  • Releases
  • The Americas Forum offers you many possibilities